Saturday April 1, 2017

     CCCSC In-Service and Market Place

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CCCSC Marketplace and Conference

April 1, 2017

St. Joseph S.S. – Break out Sessions

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1.      My Life Online: Teaching Kids to Be Safe, Smart and Kind OnlineDave Anderson, Blake Fleischacher

Co-founders Dave and Blake will share practical tools to help parents and teachers converse with kids about Social Media in a way that is positive and productive, so that kids feel empowered and excited to be safe online.


2.      Creating Opportunities for Youth to be GameChangers Orlando Bowen

Whether you are a Parent, Educator, Youth or just someone who cares, this interactive presentation will highlight ways that we can all support youth to be GameChangers. Led by Community Champion, former CFL athlete Orlando Bowen who will make it fun, informative and inspiring!


3.      Savouring the Moment; Stillness Practices to Ease Stress and Reduce Anxiety  - Jennifer Brighton

This Session weaves together direct teaching and the opportunity to experience various practices that can easily be utilized to manage distress, regulate emotions, bring calm, encourage a sense of being centered and reduce stress.


4.      X MovementConor Dullard, Jacob Nabi

X Movement integrates the powerful connected movement approach into everything we do to energize school communities. The presentation will showcase our successful formula of movement, mindfulness and mateship with a sprinkle of mayhem, which is engrained in our in-school programs, community engagement events and our digital X Life Platform.


5.     Daily D.O.S.E. - Soft Skill Development and Preventative CareMiguel Martinez

Soft Skill Development and Preventative Care are our highest priorities at MTClife.  Music and movement are used to deliver essential content in a way that encourages healthy, physical development while reinforcing virtues.


6.      Make Children Better Now – Mike Neuts

After the loss of 10-year-old Myles Neuts, his parents began a journey to help others.  Mike Neuts has been called on to present across Canada and has spoken to over 300,000 students and does not keep track of the adults.  The presentation is empathy based and covers Bullies, Bystanders and Victims as well as cyber bullying.


7.      New Religious Education Programme, ‘Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ’ – Stephanie Wells, Kelly Ronan

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ, is the new Religious Education programme approved by the Catholic Bishops of Ontario, for use in Catholic Elementary schools.  The programme promotes strong links between home, school and parish.  This session will provide an overview of the print and digital components of the programme.  Come and explore the rich multimedia content designed to help students and their families learn about and live their Catholic Faith.


8.      Health and Wellness - Dr. Grace Vitale

The presentation is two-fold.  The first part consists of a parent talk given by Dr. Grace Vitale on promoting positive mental health in children, including tips/strategies as well as how to identify concerns.  In addition, we will read, “Davey the Deer:  Let’s talk about Depression” to children followed by an interactive discussion about how to maintain good mental health.  There will be hands-on activities for children and take-home materials.


9.      Navigating Through the School Board Website – Karen Yates

Connect to the Dufferin-Peel community through our rich board website.  Parents are invited to access links and information for our monthly virtues, newcomer centers, student registration, Catholic school councils, both the elementary and secondary school year calendar, social media contacts, student transportation and how to contact your local trustee.  Students are invited to discover links to awards and scholarships, eLearning, Homework Help, and Regional Programs. 


We will visit Dufferin-Peel online and explore our policies, events, community partners much more!


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