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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

Secondary Course Calendar


* These courses are not grade specific.

** Focus courses in Art, Health and Physical Education and Technological Education are available in some schools.

Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Dance - Jazz
Dance - Modern
Dance - Ballet
Dance - Composition
Dance - Hip Hop and Urban
Dance - Music Theatre
Dance - Performance Practice
Drama - Director’s Craft
Drama - Film/Video
Drama - Music Theatre
Drama - Production
Dramatic Arts
Dramatic Arts - Drama in the Community
Exploring and Creating Arts
Instrumental Music - Brass
Integrated Arts
Media Arts
Music - Vocal/Choral
Music - Guitar
Music - Instrumental - Band
Music - Keyboard Music
Music - Music For Creating
Music - Music Theatre
Music - Music and Computers
Music - Repertoire
Music - Small Ensemble
Music - Stage - Band Music
Music - Vocal Jazz
Visual Arts - Crafts
Visual Arts - Digital Media
Visual Arts - Drawing
Visual Arts - Drawing and Painting
Visual Arts - Fashion Design and Textile Design
Visual Arts - Film / Video
Visual Arts - Illustration
Visual Arts - Industrial Design
Visual Arts - Information / Consumer Design
Visual Arts - Interior Design
Visual Arts - Non-Traditional
Visual Arts - Photography
Visual Arts - Sculpture
Visual Arts - Stage Design
Visual Arts - Visual Design
Visual Arts – Ceramics
Visual Arts – Printmaking
Business Studies
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Accounting Essentials
Accounting for a Small Business
Business Leadership: Becoming a Manager
Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals
Entrepreneurship:The Enterprising Person
Entrepreneurship:The Venture
Entrepreneurship:Venture Planning in an Electronic Age
Financial Accounting Fundamentals
Financial Accounting Principles
Information and Communication Technology in Business
Information and Communication Technology in the Workplace
Information and Communication Technology: Multimedia Solutions
Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment
International Business Essentials
International Business Fundamentals
Introduction to Business
Marketing: Goods, Services, Events
Marketing: Retail and Service
Canadian and World Studies
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Adventures in World History
America History
Analysing Current Economic Issues
Canada: History, Identity, and Culture
Canadian History since World War I
Canadian and International Law
Canadian and World Politics
Civics and Citizenship
Forces of Nature: Physical Processes and Disasters
Issues in Canadian Geography
Living in a Sustainable World
Politics in Action
Spatial Technologies in Action
The Environment and Resource Management
The Individual and the Economy
Travel and Tourism: A Geographic Perspective
Understanding Canadian Law
Understanding Canadian Law in Everyday Life
World History since 1900: Global and Regional Interactions
World History since the Fifteenth Century
World History to the End of the Fifteenth Century
World Issues: A Geographic Analysis
Classical Languages, Level 1
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Classical and International Languages
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Classical Civilization
Computer Studies
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Computer Programming
Computer Science
Introduction to Computer Programming
Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Computer Studies
Cooperative Education
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
1 Credit Coop
2 Credit Co-op
3 Credit Co-op
4 Credit Co-op
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Canadian Literature
Communication in the World of Business and Technology
Literacy Course
Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing
Media Studies
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course
Presentation and Speaking Skills
Studies in Literature
The Writer's Craft
English Literacy Development
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Basic Literacy Skills
Beginning Literacy
Literacy for School and Work
Literacy in Daily Life
English as a Second Language*
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Beginning Communication in English
Bridge to English
English for School and Work
English in Daily Life
Study Skills in English
First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Aboriginal Governance: Emerging Directions
Beliefs, Values and Aspirations of Aboriginal Peoples in Contemporary Society
Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada
English: Contemporary Aboriginal Voices
Expressions of Aboriginal Cultures
First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples in Canada
Issues of Indigenous Peoples in a Global Context
French as a Second Language
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Extended French
Guidance and Career Education
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Career Studies
Designing Your Future
Discovering the Workplace
Leadership and Peer Support
Learning Strategies 1: Skills for Success in Secondary School
Learning Strategies: Skills for Success After Secondary School
Navigating the Workplace
Health and Physical Education**
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Exercise Science
Health for Life
Healthy Active Living Education
Recreation and Fitness Leadership
International Languages
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Advanced Functions
Calculus and Vectors
Foundations for College Mathematics
Foundations of Mathematics
Functions and Applications
Mathematics Transfer
Mathematics for College Technology
Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life
Mathematics of Data Management
Principles of Mathematics
Native Studies
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Aboriginal Beliefs, Values, and Aspirations in Contemporary Society
Aboriginal Governance: Emerging Directions
Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada
English: Contemporary Aboriginal Voices
Expressing Aboriginal Cultures
Issues of Indigenous Peoples in a Global Context
Religious Education
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Be With Me
Christ and Culture
Church and Culture
Faith and Culture: World Religions
Philosophy: Questions and Theories
World Religions: Beliefs and Daily Life
World Religions: Beliefs, Issues, and Religious Traditions
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Earth and Space Science
Environmental Science
Social Sciences and Humanities
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Challenge and Change in Society
Dynamics of Human Relations
Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice
Equity, Diversity and Social Justice
Exploring Family Studies
Families in Canada
Food and Culture
Food and Healthy Living
Food and Nutrition
Housing and Home Design
Human Development Throughout the Lifespan
Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology
Nutrition and Health
Personal Life Management
Philosophy: Questions and Theories
Philosophy: The Big Question
Raising Healthy Children
The World of Fashion
Understanding Fashion
Working with Infants and Young Children
Working with School-Age Children and Adolescents
Technological Education
Grade 12
Grade 11
Grade 10
Grade 9
Child Development and Gerontology
Communications Technology
Communications Technology: Broadcast and Print Production,
Communications Technology: Digital Imagery and Web Design
Communications Technology: Interactive and New media and Animation
Communications Technology: Photography and Digital Imaging
Communications Technology: Print and Graphic Communications
Communications Technology: TV, Video and Movie Production
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Technology: Robotics and Control Systems
Computer Technology
Construction Engineering Technology
Construction Engineering Technology: Civil Engineering
Construction Technology
Construction Technology: Electrical/Network Cabling
Custom Woodworking
Exploring Communications Technology
Exploring Computer Technology
Exploring Construction Technology
Exploring Green Industries
Exploring Hairstyling and Aesthetics
Exploring Health Care
Exploring Hospitality and Tourism
Exploring Technological Design
Exploring Technologies
Exploring Transportation Technology
Green Industries
Green Industries: Horticulture
Green Industries: Horticulture Management and Science
Green Industries: Landscaping Architecture
Green Industries: Landscaping Construction and Maintenance
Hairstyling and Aesthetics
Hairstyling and Aesthetics: Aesthetics
Hairstyling and Aesthetics: Hairstyling
Health Care
Health Care: Support Services
Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality and Tourism Technology
Hospitality and Tourism: Baking
Hospitality and Tourism: Cooking
Hospitality and Tourism: Culinary Arts and Management
Hospitality and Tourism: Event Planning
Hospitality and Tourism: Tourism and Travel Planning
Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Technology
Technological Design
Technological Design and the Environment
Technological Design in the 21st Century
Technological Design: Architectural Design
Technological Design: Interior Design
Transportation Technology
Transportation Technology: Auto Service
Transportation Technology: Vehicle Maintenance
Transportation Technology: Vehicle Ownership
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