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St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre
"Serving in the love of Christ."
  • St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre
  • 98 Wanita Road
  • Mississauga ON , L5G 1B8
  • Principal: Brian Diogo
  • Vice Principal(s):
  • Superintendents: Martine Lewis
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Mrs. Roy's Grade 1

Happy Fall!

Permission Forms

Click HERE for grade 1 activity Director's Cut - Letter and Permission

Click HERE for grade 1 activity Director's Cut - Media Consent Form


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Snuggle up Take home book bag

Each night your child will bring home a book that they have selected at their reading level.  Please monitor this program by reading with them, discussing the book and recording the books in their reading log.  The books are to be returned and exchanged every day. I will be checking reading logs on Fridays to monitor progress. 



In Grade 1, we discuss what good readers do.  Our first strategy that we are focussing on is Lips the Fish.  This strategy is about saying the first sound of the word to prepare for decoding.  Our second strategy is Eagle Eye.  This strategy reminds readers to look at the pictures for clues to what the words might say.  Our third strategy is Stretchy Snake.  He reminds us to sound out each letter sound and then say it fast.  Our fourth strategy is Flippy Dolphin.  This strategy reminds us that vowels have two sound when we are using Stretchy Snake.  Please practice this strategy at home.  More strategies will be added every week or so. 


Homework Book and Riddle Me This

Two homework programs are coming home on the weekends.  The Homework Book focusses on learning to spell the dolch words and writing neatly complete with capitals and periods.  If your child is having difficulty with some of the dolch words, it is recommended that you practice that word further at home.  We also work on these skills in class.  The Riddle Me This program focusses on letters sounds, deductive reasoning and presentation skills.  Both books are expected back on Mondays.



Data Management

We are learning about taking surveys, recording data with tally marks and then creating graphs.  This year we focus on concrete graphs, pictographs and bar graphs.


Family Life

Our first Family Life theme is Created and Loved by God.  We will look at how creation is a gift from God and we are God's special creation.  We will be sharing about ourselves, our likes and dislikes and our feelings.  We will also look at how we are growing and changing. 



The virtue of the month is Conscience.  A person of conscience...

  • pays attention to what is right and wrong
  • listens to the voice of the Holy Spirit inside
  • choose to do what Jesus would do
  • says sorry and tries to make up for hurtful actions

Our second Religion unit is The Road to Bethlehem. 


How the World Works

Central Idea:  Changes in daily and seasonal cycles affect living things.

We are looking at the changes that are happening outside in the fall and asking I Wonder questions.  We are identifying changes that happen with animals, the clothes we wear, the activities we do, and the weather.  This unit will not cover all expectations at this time as it will be continued in the Spring.      


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