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St. John Fisher Elementary School
"Learning in God's Light"
  • St. John Fisher Elementary School
  • 330 Balmoral Drive
  • Brampton ON, L6T 1V6
  • Phone: 905.793.8900
  • Fax: 905.793.5703
  • Principal: David Della Rossa
  • Vice Principal(s): Michele Moncur
  • Superintendent: Max Vecchiarino
  • Trustee:
  • Anna da Silva (Ward 3)
  • Shawn Xaviour (Ward 7)
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School Community History

St. John Fisher Catholic Elementary School History

Our school community history began in 1960. It was originally named St. John Fisher Separate School in the Township of Chinguacousy.

The trustees at the time of construction were:

  • Walter A. Metson - Chair
  • Gordon J. Clarke
  • Terrence P. Miller
  • Bernard O'Rourke
  • James V. Zucchero

Superintendent of Schools: F. J. Hodge

Architects for the building of the school: Cox, Moffet and Duncan Constructed by Kramer Construction.



St. John Fisher Catholic Elementary Early School History:

The Bramalea area was opened for settlement as part of the agreement with the Mississauga Indians in 1818.  The area of Chingaucousy Township was given the name "Chingaucousy" which means "Young Pine" after a young Indian Chief who had distinguished himself as the leader of the forces that had captured Fort Michlimackinac from the Americans during the initial stages of the War of 1812. 

Between 1957-58, the Bramalea Consolidated Developers purchased 6000 acres of land and by 1959, the sod was turned on what was to become "Bramalea - Canada's first Satellite City."

In 1962, while students were accepted from the Toronto Township and Toronto Gore areas, the current Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board as we know it today, officially became known as R.C.S.S. #24 Chingaucousy Township. 

St. John Fisher Catholic Elementary School began operation in September 1961 with an school population of 90 students.  These students and teachers were housed on the recreation centre property on nearby Avondale Blvd.  Students were housed in a portable rented from the Peel Board, a portable on loan from the United Church and the wing of a factory owned by Bramalea Consolidated.  As enrollment steadily increased, a secretary and Principal's office were added and the board was forced to refuse applications from non-resident students.  When the school was completed it was officially blessed by V.R. Dean Healy of Dixie.  The structure consisted of four classrooms and an office.     

In February of 1965, a library and kindergarten were added.   Further building at the school brought the facility 15 additional classrooms, a nurses room and a gymnasium. 

In the spring of 1961, a three man Board of Trustees was established under the chairmanship of Harry Horn.  The board, along with the Archdiocese of Toronto, undertook joint negotiations with Bramalea Consolidated Development for land on which to build a church and school.  In October of 1961, the board finaled purchase of a school site for $25,000.00. 


Today the school of 460 students seeks to follow his example and be inspired by its motto, “Learning in God’s Light.” The school also reaches out to help the community through various social justice initiatives through it’s Student’s for Solidarity program as well as ShareLife, a fully functional breakfast program and support for the St. Vincent de Paul Society and generously donating to the surrounding community to those in need. 

St. John Fisher celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary in May 2011. 

St. John Fisher Catholic Elementary School continues to be the foundation of Catholic Education in the Bramalea area.  Due to increased enrolment, there are 8 portable classrooms on site and the school underwent minor rennovations approximately 7 years ago.  The School is also home to the St. John Fisher Neighborhood Learning Place which serves the surrounding community providing assistance to families with young children helping them prepare for Kindergarten. 

Our School Motto is "Learning In God's Light"  

Note: all information presented is done with permission from the DPCDSB and the publication "   "  c19

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