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French as a Second Language

French as a Second Language (FSF1P)  (FSF2P)

Learn a new language!

French is not only one of Canada’s two official languages, but is also widely used around the world.  Knowledge of a second language is valuable for a number of reasons. Through learning a second language, learners can strengthen their first-language skills and enhance their critical and creative thinking abilities; they also tend to become more tolerant and respectful of other cultures.

In addition, the ability to communicate in another language provides learners with a distinct advantage in a number of careers, both in Canada and internationally.

This course is to provide learners with fundamental communication skills in French and an understanding of the nature of the language and its culture.  It offers learners the chance to develop a usable command of the French language that can be expanded through further study or through contact with French-speaking people.

Brian J. Fleming Catholic Adult Learning Centre
870 Queen Street West, Mississauga

Session Dates:
FSF1P - Grade 9  and FSF2P - Grade 10
Tuesday and Thursday
September 22 - December 10
24 sessions (Total: 90 hrs)

5:45 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Material Fee:

For more information and to register, call 905-891-3034.

FSL non - credit programs are available during the day and evening for those people whose first language is not English

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