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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

PLAR for Mature Students




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Are you missing credits to complete your high school diploma?  PLAR for Mature Students is your likely answer.

PLAR for Mature Students is a formal evaluation completed by a principal or guidance counsellor at an Adult High School. Through PLAR you may get credits towards your high school diploma. PLAR looks at your life and work experiences since leaving high school and can award you credit for that experience. To qualify for the program, you must have been out of regular day school for at least one school year.

As a mature student you may get up to 26 equivalency credits and may only have to complete  the following Final 4 High School Credits to graduate with an OSSD:

  • Grade 11 English
  • Grade 12 English or OLC4O
  • Grade 11 Math
  • one additional senior compulsory credit

To support Adults and their busy lifestyle, the Final 4 Credits are available through eLearning. This online program provides flexibility for those who cannot attend a face to face program. Access to technology and the internet is require for the eLearning Adult Credit Program.

Program Information & 2016-17 Schedule

For more information on Mature PLAR eligibility and eLearning Adult Credit, please call: St. Gabriel Adult Learning Centre - 905 362-0701 and book an appointment to meet with the Adult and Continuing Education Coordinator.

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