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St. Augustine Catholic Secondary School
"Ever Ancient Ever New"
  • St. Augustine Catholic Secondary School
  • 27 Drinkwater Road
  • Brampton ON , L6Y 4T6
  • Principal: Sophia Maloney
  • Vice Principal(s): Teddi Lowie

  • Superintendents: Adrian Scigliano
  • Trustee: Anisha Thomas (Brampton Ward 4, 1 & 3)
    Darryl D'Souza (Brampton Ward 5, 6)
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Guidance and Student Services

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Welcome to the St. Augustine Guidance Department.

The guidance office at St. Augustine strives to create an environment where every student feels welcome.  

Guidance counsellors are available to meet with students individually to discuss current academic concerns, educational goals and planning, personal or social matters. Students are also provided with support for the transition beyond graduation including, college, university, apprenticeship and workplace opportunities.

Students are assigned a counsellor based on their last name. Students can make an appointment to see their guidance counsellor by completing an appointment slip located across from the secretary’s desk or through MS Teams. 

Parents/ guardians are also encouraged to contact their child’s guidance counsellor if they have any questions or concerns. Appointments can be made by contacting the counsellor you wish to meet with. 

Guidance Counsellor


​Student's Last Name


​K. Erwin  (Department Head)
M. Perry
​B. Gallelli




Support Staff




​A. McPherson
C. Williams
S. Reid-Stewart
A. Brinkert
S. Henriques
S. Dabbagh

​Guidance Secretary
Student Success Teacher
Child/ Youth Worker
Social Worker
Psychological Associate
Settlement Worker



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