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St. Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School
"The voice of the heart must be heard in all we do."
  • St. Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School
  • 35 McCrimmon Drive
  • Brampton ON , L7A 2Z5
  • Principal: Andrea Brown
  • Vice Principal(s):
  • Superintendents: Les Storey
  • Trustee: Darryl D'Souza (Ward 6)
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A School Prayer

Lord God, protector of our school, I am thankful for this day.

Thank you for my life and my friends.

Help everyone love and care for each other.

Please keep us safe today and help us to do well in school.

We thank you for what we do in every unique way.

I know that your greatness will always prevail and

You won’t let darkness overcome the light.

St. Bonaventure


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