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St. Giovanni Scalabrini Catholic Elementary School
"Rooted in Faith, Educating Each Child, For Global Harmony."
  • St. Giovanni Scalabrini Catholic Elementary School
  • 225 Central Parkway West
  • Mississauga ON , L5B 3J5
  • Principal: Tensy Kalaparambath
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Dulcie Belchior
  • Trustee: Bruno Iannicca (Mississauga Ward 7)
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To download our monthly school newsletter, click on the link above . A copy in pdf. format will open. Please note: You will require Acrobat Reader​ in order to read our school newsletter. It is available at Adobe. com. ​

COMMUNITY INFORMATION BULLETIN Preparing for Labour Disruption Remote Learning Nov 21.pdf

Hot Weather Plan:

With the warmer weather  in the weeks to come,  all staff and students are reminded of our hot weather plan which includes:

  • Rotating classes through air conditioned space (library);
  • Keeping physical activity down during the hot periods of the day;
  • Modifying recesses to reduce physical activity and reduce exposure to sun and outside heat;
  • Staff and students are reminded to drink plenty of water;
  • Staff are reminded to monitor students for signs of heat stress.


Additional Information:


  • Extreme hot weather alerts will be indicated on the Yellow Alert banner which will stream across the main board webpage as well as school web pages.
  • A chicklet (button) will be posted on the main board webpage linking to a webpage with weather-related information including links to Peel Health and other resources as appropriate.



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