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St. Edmund Campion Catholic Secondary School
"Named, Called and Chosen"
  • St. Edmund Campion Catholic Secondary School
  • 275 Brisdale Drive
  • Brampton ON , L7A 3C7
  • Principal: Maria Locicero
  • Vice Principal(s): Gary De Couto
    Kathy McMullin
    Sheena Agius
    Jason Arsenault
  • Superintendents: Tammy-Lynne Peel
  • Trustee: Darryl D'Souza (Brampton Ward 6, 2 & 5)
    Paula Dametto-Giovannozzi (Caledon Ward 2)
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Check out our List of Scholarships

 (Updated: May 2, 2018)

Check out this NEW website called that helps students find all of the scholarships they qualify for in minutes!! It's simple...

     1. Create an account at

     2. Fill out your information and get matched to a list of scholarships you're eligible for

     3. Start applying!

What types of scholarships are available?

i) Entrance Scholarships

  • No application needed-university will offer this scholarship along with your offer of admission
  • Based completely on your academic average
  • Varies from school to school
  • Search for specific information related to individual universities
  • Also please refer to the following documents outlining entrance scholarships available at:


ii) Academic Scholarships with Community Service/Leadership

  • Offered through universities, colleges, community organizations and businesses
  • It is responsibility of student to apply to each individual scholarship
  • Some of these awards are done through nomination process
  • It is important to contact each college or university to determine the exact criteria
  • Many of these scholarships are based solely on academic average and/or combination of leadership, community service and work experience
  • Search for more information related to university programs
  • Specific for SHSM students please visit

iii) Leadership/Community Service Scholarships

  • Applications are required and are offered through community organizations
  • Note that in some cases the award recipient is based on nomination only
  • For more information on these types of scholarships please see the attachment below

iv) Athletic Scholarships

  • Usually no application is necessary and students are sought out by individual schools
  • For more information please make an appointment with your guidance counsellor

For more information also visit the websites below to assist you in your search for scholarships and awards

Timeline of Scholarships

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