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St. Edmund Campion Secondary School
"Named, Called and Chosen"
  • St. Edmund Campion Secondary School
  • 275 Brisdale Drive
  • Brampton ON , L7A 3C7
  • Principal: Maria Locicero
  • Vice Principal(s): Sharon Allegretto
    Tino Malta
    Gary De Couto
    Kathy McMullin
  • Superintendents: Tammy-Lynne Peel
  • Trustee: Darryl D'Souza (Brampton Ward 6, 2 & 5)
    Paula Dametto-Giovannozzi (Caledon Ward 2)
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School Hours

8:12 am - 2:15 pm

​​Love of Literature Book Club

Join the Love of Literature Book Club to improve literacy skills, boost confidence and connect with peers, while reviewing books with Black characters. This program is open to children and teens (ages 7 - 18) of Black, African or Caribbean heritage​

DPCDSB Love of Literature 2023 Winter flyer.pdf​​

Student Clubs 2022-2023


OSSLT Student Resources 2022-2023

OSSLT Student Trailer

Practice Test - Online Version

Overview of Test Structure for Students

Test Prep and Well-Being Strategies for Students


Test Accessibility Tools Videos (accessibility options are available for all students to use)

1. Introduction & Tool Exploration

2. The Listen Tool

3. The Zoom In & Zoom Out Tool

4. The Line Reader Tool

5. High Contrast

6. The Annotation Tools

7. Rough Notes

8. Flagged Questions

Reading Strategy Videos for Students

1. Understanding Unfamiliar Words #1

2. Understanding Unfamiliar Words #2

3. Understanding Unfamiliar Words #3

How to Access Student Dashboard 

How to Access the Student Dashboard.pdf

Guidance on Storage of Student Winter Clothing and Belongings 

Guidance on the Storage of Student Winter Clothing and Belongings - DPCDSB.pdf 

Get to Know Campion! 

Campion Promo Video                  Link to Video

St. Edmund Campion High School Tour           Link to Tour

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