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Father Michael Goetz Catholic Secondary School
"Take a risk. Get involved. Be committed."
  • Father Michael Goetz Catholic Secondary School
  • 330 Central Parkway West
  • Mississauga ON , L5B 3K6
  • Principal: Sharon Allegretto
  • Vice Principal(s): Kristen Priestner
    Ekwy Odozor

  • Superintendents: Dulcie Belchior
  • Trustee: Bruno Iannicca (Mississauga Ward 7)
    Stefano Pascucci (Mississauga Ward 4)
    Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 6)
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Support Staff for Students

Child and Youth Worker

Fr. Michael Goetz Catholic Secondary School has Child & Youth Workers (CYW) available in the Student Services Department.  CYW’s are members of the support services team.  With an educational background focused on children’s mental health and behaviour, CYWs engage with students, parents, and all members of the school staff to provide social/emotional/behavioural support, including counselling, to students who may be struggling with challenges in their lives both within and outside of school.  Students often connect directly with the Child and Youth Worker or may be referred by administration, teachers, guidance staff, parents, or other support services staff.  As members of the support services team, CYWs endeavour to assure that students are linked to the support they need both within school and in the community.  

Social Worker 

Your school Social Worker is there to help you around a wide variety of problems - family difficulties, trouble with relationships, self esteem, depression, coping issues, etc. 

If you would like to see the Social Worker, ask your Guidance Counselor, or drop by Student Services on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 


The Psychologist’s role in the school is to work with students, parents and teachers to promote mental health and effective environments for learning. For example, we can help to identify why a child is having problems with learning, by providing specific information about learning styles. We can diagnose various intellectual, perceptual, behavioral and emotional disorders and provide confidential counseling. In addition, we can  provide organizational, homework and test taking suggestions.  

Appointments can be made to discuss a wide range of,for example, mental health, learning, self esteem, social and attentional issues.  

Contact the Guidance Secretary or come to Seminar Room C in the Library on Monday and Tuesday.

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