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St. John XXIII Catholic Elementary School
"A Family of Peace and Hope."
  • St. John XXIII Catholic Elementary School
  • 915 McBride Avenue
  • Mississauga ON , L5C 1M1
  • Principal: Olivera Glasford
  • Vice Principal(s):

  • Superintendents: Silvana Gos
  • Trustee: Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 6)
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St. John XXIII School - History and Tradition


John XXIII Catholic School had its beginning in 1972 under the administration of Lee Campanaro (Sept. 1972 - June 1980).  As the school population grew an addition was built in 1978. A rejuvenation of the front foyer and office took place in the summer of 1998.  A school renewal project took place in August 2003 and was completed in March 2004.  A School Blessing of the new additions took place in June, 2003.  Past administrators for this school were: Joe Belanger (Sept. 1980 - June 1984), Sharon Smith (Sept. 1984 - June 1988), John Perkovich (Sept. 1988 - Dec. 1994 ), Luisa Casciola-Dalia (Jan. 1994 - June 1998), Joanne Mullen-Harsant (Sept. 1998 - June 2000), Kim McNamara (Sept. 2000 - June 2004), Blanche Tait (Sept. 2004 - June 2009), Henrietta Peroni (Sept. 2009 - June 2017), Bernadette Gillis (Sept. 2017-Nov. 2018), S. Wolf, K.J Carey, M. Tomczak (Sept 2019- June 2020), &  J. Kennedy (Sept 2020-2023), C. Gale (Sept 2023-Dec 2023), W. Matos (Jan 2024-April 2024)

The school was dedicated to Pope John XXIII, one of the most beloved popes of modern times and one of the 20th century's most noble, admired and respected of men. He was elected Pope on October 18, 1958 and passed to his eternal reward on June 3, 1963. He was beatified in the Fall of 2003.  The legacy of Pope John XXIII has formed the basis of many of the traditions and values of our school which bears his name. The themes that defined his papacy were his constant quest for world peace, his love of his fellow man, his humility and his passion for the union of all Christians and his unrelenting obedience. He was a loving pastor, a builder of community, a prince of peace and his tolerance and his teachings serve as a beacon and guide to the diverse community that is St. John XXIII Catholic School.

With Pope John XXIII in mind, the school logo was created in the mid 1990's by teacher Kaz Wesierski.  The logo includes an adaptation of John XXIII's coat of arms, the privilege of every newly elected pope.  The shield is a symbol of the Church's power to lead nations, even in war, and the Latin motto on the banner expresses John's lifelong creed - "Obedience and Peace." In 2005, the school logo and letterhead was updated.  Below the school logo, Pope John XIII's creed "Obedience and Peace" was added.  In 2008, the name of John XXIII Catholic School changed to Blessed John XXIII Catholic School as Pope John XXIII became blessed in his journey to beatification. On April 27, 2014 Blessed John XXIII was canonized and became St. John XXIII.  Hence the logo and school name was changed to St. John XXIII.

The school, community and parish of St. Martin of Tours have always enjoyed a good working relationship. At St. John XXIII School a culture of community, obedience, peace and hope is fostered by all.  We recognize the valuable contribution made by each member of the school community and pledge to continue to enhance our partnerships for the success of all.

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