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St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School
"Be Not Afraid...Come Follow Me!"
  • St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School
  • 5555 Creditview Road
  • Mississauga ON , L5V 2B9
  • Principal: Rosina Ariganello
  • Vice Principal(s): Antony Pallotta
    Agnes Pavic

  • Superintendents: Silvana Gos
  • Trustee: Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 6, 11)
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Community Service Hours

​Completing 40 hours of community service is a graduation requirement. For graduating students, these hours must be submitted by the end of April.

Community Service Hours can be handed in to your Guidance Counsellor any time during

 October – May 

Christian Community Involvement Guidelines

Every student must complete a minimum of forty (40) hours of community involvement activities as a graduation requirement.  The work to fulfill this requirement can begin at any time after a student graduates from grade 8. The purpose of the requirement is to foster an understanding of civic responsibility; to develop a student's sense of worth as they play a role in their community; and to help young people develop their skills. The two opportunities each year for students to submit their completed documentation to the guidance office, in order to record the completed hours on the student's school record, will be in October/November and March/April of each school year.  A Certificate of Completion will be created for all students who complete their required 40 hours and submit their documentation during the designated collection periods stated above.

Eligible activities

  • The Ministry of Education has developed guidelines about what kinds of activities are eligible.  Generally, students can complete 40 hours of service in events or activities that meet the following criteria:
  • Support not-for-profit agencies, institutions or foundations
  • Structured programs to promote tutoring, mentoring, visiting, coaching whose purpose is to assist others
  • Support work of a global nature
  • Promotes environmental awareness
  • Promotes and contributes to the health and well-being of any group
  • Affiliated with a club, religious organization, arts or cultural association, or political organization that seeks to make a positive contribution in the community
  • Benefits the community
  • ​Any activity not specified as ineligible – if in doubt, check with guidance for clarification 

Examples of eligible activities include the following:

  • Fundraising – walk-a-thons, canvassing, gift wrapping, galas
  • Sports/recreation – coaching, track meets, summer games, pool assistant, organizing Special Olympics in the community
  • Community – helping to organize winter carnivals, parades, summer fairs, community events
  • Community projects – helping out at a food bank, support services for community groups
  • Religious organizations – programming for children, child-minding, helping with special events, clerical tasks
  • Seniors' programs – assisting in seniors' residence or community programs
  • Youth programs and child care – helping to run youth programs such as Scouts, Guides, drop-in centres, breakfast programs, after-school programs, March Break programs, leaders in training, summer playground activities, camps
  • Work with animals – helping with animal shelters, horseback riding programs, the local zoo, petting farms
  • Arts and culture – assisting at a gallery, performing music, being involved in a library program
  • ​Activities for individuals – * helping seniors by shopping, reading letters, shoveling snow, visiting chronic care hospitals or helping young people through tutoring, transcribing, reading buddies, respite care  (Family members are excluded.)

Listen to the morning announcements and frequently check the JOBS bulletin board outside of the lecture hall or the JOBS binder in the guidance office for potential community service placement opportunities.

The ministry has said the fol​lowing activities are NOT eligible:

  • Student activities that displace paid workers
  • Any activity where you are normally paid (for example, babysitting, part-time job)
  • "Take Our Kids to Work" experience in grade 9
  • Job shadowing or a work experience component of a course
  • Co-operative education experiences
  • Any required activities of a course or program in which you can earn a credit
  • Playing on a school sports team
  • Activities that are family responsibilities (for example, regular chores)
  • Court-ordered community service program
  • Any activity involving the operation of a vehicle, power tools or scaffolding
  • Any activity where you might administer medication or medical procedure
  • Any student under 15 involved in a factory environment
  • Any student under 14 in any working environment (except health and residential care environments)
  • Activities involving banking, securities or other valuables

If in doubt, ask your guidance counsellor.

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