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St. Joseph Secondary School
"Be Not Afraid...Come Follow Me!"
  • St. Joseph Secondary School
  • 5555 Creditview Road
  • Mississauga ON , L5V 2B9
  • Principal: Rosina Ariganello
  • Vice Principal(s): Neville Mant
    Antony Pallotta

  • Superintendents: Silvana Gos
  • Trustee: Luz del Rosario (Mississauga Ward 6, 11)
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Appreciation Of Our Faith

​What Catholic Education Means to Us

“Catholic education has allowed me to deepen my faith.  When I graduate, I will take the lesson to be equal, respectful and fair to one another.”

“Catholic education has provided me with a way to think morally and ethically.  It makes me aware of my actions and how they affect people.”

“The St. Joe’s community teaches me how to be part of a family that respects each other and helps each other.”

“Catholic education has taught me a lot about charity and giving back to the community.  St. Joe’s is a great school because of the extensive clubs and extra-curricular activities they provide.”

“St. Joe’s provides a great learning environment.  It is a very friendly community.”

"I will take the lessons and morals that I learned from Catholic education.  As I graduate, I will look back at the things I've learned such as: being generous, kind, open minded and think carefully before I act."

“As I graduate from high school, I feel as though I have learned more about my faith and strengthened my relationship with God.  I feel as though spending 4 years in a Catholic environment has allowed me to grow into a more loving and caring person.”

“I feel as if Catholic education has allowed for students to have an open, safe, and accepting environment to grow.  High school has taught me how to accept every one of different beliefs without any judgment and prejudice.”
“The experience in Catholic education I will take from high school is to apply the values and lessons taught to me.  Important values such as: treating people the way I want to be treated, to show empathy and to love others.”

“I have learned a lot about my own religion and about myself as a human being here at St. Joe’s.  I feel as though Catholic schools contain people that are kinder because we are a community.  We work together as a team.”

“After my experience in Catholic education, I think I will take away the overall feeling of the school.  There is a very welcoming and kind feeling when in the school.  There is a strong feeling of support from everyone in the school.”

“As a Catholic school student, I have become used to the praying in the morning and afternoon.  I have developed a personal habit to start my day with a short prayer, even on the weekend.  I find it makes my day better.”

“What I will take away from my experience in Catholic education is a sense of community.  I know what it takes to be an active, positive member of society.  I feel I have a better handle on how to approach different situations and how to achieve a positive outcome.”

“As I graduate from high school, I will take the knowledge of living a moral life as a Christian from Catholic education.”

“Something I have come to appreciate about going to a Catholic high school is being able to compare my own faith to those of other religions.  This is something I hope to continue to do when I leave high school.”

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