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St. Michael Catholic Secondary School
  • St. Michael Catholic Secondary School
  • 9130 Columbia Way
  • Bolton ON , L7E4G6
  • Principal: Josie Lorenzon
  • Vice Principal(s): Catherine Lindsay
    Tino Malta

  • Superintendents: Sue Steer
    Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Paula Dametto-Giovannozzi (Caledon Ward 4, 2 & 5)
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Student Activity Fee


​Student Activity Fee - $70.00

​The fee helps support activities integral to student experiences that are spiritual, athletic, and social in nature. The Student Activity Fees breakdown is listed below:

  • ​Student Yearbook & My School Day App ($30)
      - Each student receives a yearbook and access to My School Day App.
  • Faith Formation & Retreats ($30)
      - This fee covers the costs associated with the retreat which may include presentation with guest speakers, retreat
         materials, facility/venue, and snacks.
  • School Wide Activities and School Council Events ($10)
       - This fee subsidizes student awards, school presentations and assemblies with guest speakers throughout the year.
          School Council supports various school activities and events throughout the school year. 

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