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St. Michael Catholic Secondary School
  • St. Michael Catholic Secondary School
  • 9130 Columbia Way
  • Bolton ON , L7E4G6
  • Principal: Ferdinando Tantalo
  • Vice Principal(s): Greg Pickering
    Josie Lorenzon

  • Superintendents: Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Paula Dametto-Giovannozzi (Caledon Ward 4, 2 & 5)
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Our Faith

​St. Michael School Prayer



Saint Michael the Archangel,
Defend us in our daily struggle to make wise decisions.
Protect us from the temptation
to hurt others,
neglect ourselves,
and deny our God.
Stand by each member of this community
as we grow in faith,
discover our identity
and develop our God given gifts.
Grant us the courage to
face our challenges,
learn from our mistakes,
celebrate our successes,
and to reach our fullest potential.
Guide us in our journey
“to be with God”.




Pastoral Plan 2021 - 2022


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2021-2022 Pastoral Plan.pdf










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