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St. Michael Catholic Secondary School
  • St. Michael Catholic Secondary School
  • 9130 Columbia Way
  • Bolton ON , L7E4G6
  • Principal: Josie Lorenzon
  • Vice Principal(s): Catherine Lindsay
    Tino Malta

  • Superintendents: Sue Steer
    Jodi Kuran
  • Trustee: Paula Dametto-Giovannozzi (Caledon Ward 4, 2 & 5)
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Assessment & Evaluation

​A due date is set by the teacher​1 school day late  = 3%
2 school days late = 6%
3 school days late = 10%​
​Once the closure date has passed, work is considered incomplete and a mark of ZERO may apply


​​​Parents shall be contacted regarding missed assignments before a mark of zero is applied.

An examination is a consolidation and demonstration of some or all of the overall expectations for a course and is administered at the end of the course during the formal exam period. A culminating performance task (CPT) is a consolidation and demonstration of some or all of the overall expectations for a course, and is administered towards the end of the course, during class time under the supervision of the teacher (outside of the formal exam period).
Students are expected to complete each of their scheduled culminating activities and formal exams in the time frame allotted for these activities. If a student is unable to do either due to illness, a medical certificate is mandatory to avoid a mark of zero. This certificate must be submitted to the Principal or designated Vice-Principal prior to the end of the examination period.

**If busses are cancelled due to inclement weather, the exams normally scheduled for that exam day are rescheduled for the identified snow day.**

Students must be in full uniform for all examinations. Any time spent getting into appropriate uniform will impact on the time remaining for the exam and students will not be given additional time to write their exam.

A student who misses and exam must provide a doctor’s note confirming the illness. Please contact the Attendance Office before the scheduled exam(s). Students who miss and exam without providing a doctor’s note will be given a mark of ZERO for the exam component. The students who missed an exam due to illness will write the exam on the alternate day as set out on the examination schedule. Time and place to be determined by the classroom teacher.

All students must be in the designated Exam Room by 8:12 am.

Students who are late should report directly to the exam room. Students who are late to the exam will not be given any additional time to write the exam. Teachers must notify the Attendance Office when a student arrives late to the exam.

The cafeteria will be closed during the examination period.

In addition to these expectations, classroom teachers will provide additional classroom instructions as they pertain to textbooks, material allowed, etc.

Please check your schedule carefully and know the rooms and times for each of your exams.

Busses will leave promptly at 10:45 am.

Faith, trust, honesty and integrity are an integral part of the St. Michael C.S.S. community. It is imperative that each member of this community exude these qualities throughout all aspects of the learning experience, including the examination period. As such, there are several considerations to keep in mind to ensure that the integrity of exams and the answers students provide are safe-guarded.

Students are to bring the following items to an exam:
**The calculator CANNOT have the capability to communicate with other devices. Sharing of materials is not permitted.

Students can bring into class a reusable water container (not a plastic water bottle)

Students are NOT permitted to bring the following items to an exam:

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