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Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School
"Let this be a school with Spirit"
  • Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School
  • 4555 Tomken Road
  • Mississauga ON , L4W 1J9
  • Principal: Frances Campese
  • Vice Principal(s): Lina Iacobucci
    Daryl Brady

  • Superintendents: Dulcie Belchior
  • Trustee: Mario Pascucci (Mississauga Ward 3, 1)
    Stefano Pascucci (Mississauga Ward 4)
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Philip Pocock Graduation Awards

The ONTARIO SCHOLAR AWARD is awarded to students who have achieved an overall average of 80% or greater in their six best Grade 12 courses.  Courses taken outside of the regular day program at Philip Pocock C.S.S. qualify for the Ontario Scholar Award.  

Proficiency Awards

Proficiency awards are granted to students achieving the highest mark in a Grade 12 course.  In the event of a tie, Learning Skills and Work Habits are assessed to determine the award recipient.

Special Awards

The PHILIP POCOCK THEOLOGY AWARD is donated by the Knights of Columbus and is presented to the individual who has shown outstanding scholarship, an inquisitive mind, and an ability to apply the gospel of Jesus in today's world.  

The CATHOLIC STUDENT AWARD recognizes a graduating student who has shown good scholarship, involvement in school or community activities, and conduct which typifies the objectives of the Catholic school.  Emphasis is to be placed on activities not usually formally recognized, such as yearbook, student council, leadership in social concerns, involvement in projects that enhance the identity of the Catholic school in the local community, etc.

The STUDENT CATHOLIC LEADERSHIP AWARD is presented to the student who, while involved in school affairs and activities, such as athletics, Student Council, and Chaplaincy, best exemplifies the Catholic faith and Catholic School philosophy.   

The PACE AWARD (Path for an Alternative Change Experience) is presented to the student who developed a vision of how things could be different in their life.  Through committed effort and perseverance, the student successfully achieved significant educational and personal goals. 

The UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO BOOK AWARD is part of the U of T National Scholarship Program, and recognizes exceptional academic achievement, breadth of interest, creativity, originality, intellectual energy, and enthusiasm for learning.  

The PHILIP POCOCK SCHOOL COUNCIL AWARD is presented to the graduating student who, through extensive involvement in our school government and activities, has promoted a unified school community, and has demonstrated dedication and commitment to the students of Philip Pocock.  

The IVAN BEAULIEU MEMORIAL AWARD is presented to the graduating student who, in the judgment of the members of the Moderns Department, has been active in French activities in the school, has pursued French studies with distinction during his/her high school career, and who intends to continue University level studies in French.

The THOMAS J. REILLY SCHOLARSHIP is presented to the graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in the study of modern languages, and has chosen to continue such study at the post-secondary level.  

The DEBORAH DONAHUE MEMORIAL AWARD is presented to the graduating student who has competed in the French Public Speaking Competition and has achieved the highest overall average in French.

The EDWARD KING MEMORIAL AWARD is awarded to the graduating student who demonstrates academic excellence and leadership in the school and best embodies the philosophy "Take a risk, be committed, get involved".  

The JOE CLANCY MEMORIAL BURSARY is presented to the graduating student who, while maintaining high academic standards, enthusiastically accepted new challenges and provided for the Pocock community an exemplary Christian role model.  

The ROSS OAKES CHAPLAINCY AWARD is presented to the student who, while at Philip Pocock, has made an outstanding contribution to the ministry of Chaplaincy for our entire community. 

The BISHOP OSCAR ROMERO AWARD is presented to the graduating student who promotes social justice and community involvement by encouraging the student population to seek awareness of social justice issues and then work towards improving the human condition.

The LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR’S COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER AWARD recognizes an exemplary volunteer among graduating students. It pays tribute to a student who goes above and beyond the required community hours needed to graduate. 

The BLACK AND GOLD ALUMNI AWARD goes to the graduating student-athlete who has excelled in athletics, academics and school community.  The recipient of this award must be a multi-sport athlete who is a positive role model and demonstrates leadership and commitment.  The recipient is selected by Philip Pocock’s Physical Education and Athletic Department.

The LINK CREW LEADER AWARD recognizes a graduating student who has excelled as a member of the Link Crew program in both grades 11 and 12. Link Crew members help guide and support grade nine students during their transitional year in high school. The graduating student selected to receive the Link Crew Leader award is one who exhibits strong communication skills, a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, organization, and enthusiasm with the grade nine students.

The GOVERNOR GENERAL'S AWARD is presented to the student who has achieved the highest overall standing upon graduating from a secondary school.

The PHILIP POCOCK SPIRIT AWARD is awarded to the student who has demonstrated enthusiasm and an array of qualities that have contributed to the essence of school life.  

The PHILIP POCOCK VALEDICTORIAN AWARD is presented to a well-respected member of the graduating class, who is in good academic standing and who has demonstrated his or her commitment to the Philip Pocock community through participation and Christian example.

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