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St. Francis Xavier Secondary School
"Striving for Excellence in Catholic Education; to give our students a Purpose and Hope for Life."
  • St. Francis Xavier Secondary School
  • 50 Bristol Road West
  • Mississauga ON , L5R 3K3
  • Principal: Dan Compagnon
  • Vice Principal(s): Caroline Mallozzi
    Jennifer Meier-Kingshott
    Christopher Vincent
  • Superintendents: Wayne Brunton
  • Trustee: Thomas Thomas (Mississauga Ward 5)
    Stefano Pascucci (Mississauga Ward 4)
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Welcome to St. Francis Xavier S. S. SHSM! (Specialist High Skills Major) 

 *Gr. 10 Students: Please complete the SHSM application below and submit it to your Guidance Counsellor, a.s.a.p.,so that you may be considered for SHSM in Gr.11 and Gr. 12!*

*Also, follow our Instagram page @SAT_shsm for updates!*


Studio X - Xavier Broadcast - XAVIER CONNECT - How our Xavier SHSM Hospitality & Tourism students

survived the COVID-19 school closure:



Grade 12 Baking Class proud to present: The White House Grade 12 Baking Class proud to present: The Polar Express 

The Grade 12 Baking class proud to present: The White House & Polar Express

What is Specialist High Skills Major?

SHSM is a ministry funded program which invests in our students by enhancing their skills and experiences. As such, all certifications and experiential learning trips are paid for by the ministry, resulting in rich experiences for our students and their ability to add exemplary lists of credentials on their resumes, setting them up to be successful in post-secondary education programs and future careers.

SHSM is a ministry approved specialized program that allows students to focus their learning within a specific sector while meeting the requirements to graduate from secondary school. It also assists students' transition after graduation to all destination pathways of apprenticeship training, the workplace, college, or university.

**Co-op/Cooperative Education is a mandatory component of SHSM. The St. F. X. S. S. Co-op Department maintains a wide variety of rich Co-op placements with several valued community partners - for more information, you may access Co-op via selecting Learning, Departments, Cooperative Education**

SHSM Programs offered at St. Francis Xavier S. S. 

 SHSM Student Application Form 2020.pdf  SHSM Student Application Form

Health and Wellness

Hospitality and Tourism


                                                                          SHSM Programs offered at St. Francis Xavier 

Key Benefits for Pursuing SHSM

SHSM enables students to: 

  1. Customize their secondary school education to suit their interests and talents 
  2. Develop specialized knowledge and skills that are applicable in future education programs and careers 
  3. Earn credits that are recognized by the sector and post-secondary education institutions 
  4. Gain sector-specific and career-relevant certifications and training 
  5. Develop Essential Skills and work habits that are valued by the sector
  6. Identify, explore and refine their career goals and make informed decisions about their post-secondary destinations
  7. Remain flexible, with the option to shift between pathways should their goals and plans change

Certifications and Training

All SHSM students are required to complete:

Standard First Aid Training
CPR "C" (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
AED (Defibrillator)
WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) 
SPCE (Sector Partner Contextualized Experience) - ICE (Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship)


Sector Specific Certifications:


Health and Wellness
Infection Control
Conflict Resolution
Wrapping and Taping

Hospitality and Tourism
Smart Serve
Service Excellence
Safe Food Handling

Drive Clean

Health and Safety - Basic


Forms, Pamphlets and Other Information


Ripley's Aquarium and Christmas Market Promotional Trip

for SHSM and Co-op with Grade 10 students 

IMG_7803 (2).png  IMG_7804 (2).png

IMG_6618.png IMG_6625.png


SHSM Advisory Committee Meeting  

Image of SHSM Advisory Committee Meeting Image of SHSM Advisory Committee Meeting

Grade 8 Night   

 Image of grade 8 night.IMG_6396 (2).pngIMG_6397 (2).png

Trips: Reach Ahead & Experiential Learning

Dragon's Den Event.jpg 

Dragon's Den Event at Humber College with SHSM Hospitality and Tourism students


McMaster University - Nursing (SHSM Health and Wellness)

Honda Plant (SHSM Transportation)

SPCE (Sector Partner Contextualized Experience) - ICE (Innovation Creativity Entrepreneurship) Certification

IMG_7806 (1).PNG IMG_7809 (1).PNGIMG_7810 (1).PNG

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