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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

Business and Careers Co-op Program




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Do you have Canadian work experience in a specific field and require additional skills and knowledge? 

Would you like to make a professional career change? 

Are you proficient in English? (CLB 7 or higher)?

The Business and Careers Co-op Program will provide you the opportunity to:

  •  Develop job search skills, write a resume, practice interviewing skills and the ability to research a variety of companies for a planned learning experiential (co-op placement).
  •  Acquire the essential skills required for success in all types of businesses and industries.  Focus on decision making, self-management and teamwork, conflict and negotiation, legislation governing workplace issues,  organizational culture and diversity
  •  Learn effective business communication skills, social ethics and responsibility practiced in Canada
  •  Obtain valuable job training and experiences at an entry level unpaid co-op placement
  •  Develop skills necessary to network effectively and gain potential professional Canadian references.
  •  Earn four optional Ontario Secondary School Credits

Classroom Learning (7 weeks)

Course #1

Designing Your Future (GWL30) includes job search related topics such as employability skills, labour market information, resume writing, networking, cover letters, references, occupational and company research, information interviews, portfolios, job interviews, work ethics, communication and assertiveness in the workplace, and Canadian culture as it relates to the work environment.

Classes start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m., Monday to Friday and the adult learner must be able to commit to these hours for the duration of this course.  To ensure success in the program, the adult learner need to be committed to their goals. ​

Course # 2

Presentation and Speaking Skills (EPS30)  emphasizes the knowledge and skills required to plan and make effective presentations and to speak effectively in both formal and informal contexts, using such forms as reports, speeches, debates, panel discussions, storytelling, recitations, interviews, and multimedia presentations.  Learners will design and rehearse presentations for a variety of purposes and audiences, select and use visual and technological aids to enhance their message; and assess the effectiveness of their own and others' presentations. Offered at Brian J. Fleming C.A.L.C.

​Co-operative Education Placement (14 weeks, unpaid) 

The adult learners who have successfully completed the in-class portion of the program (i.e. obtain a passing mark in both the courses) will be eligible for a planned learning experience (co-op placement) related to their chosen profession.

The co-operative education program includes:  the classroom component and community component.

The classroom component ensures that students are:

  • Prepared for their community experience, demonstrating the skills and knowledge required before the start of their community component;
  • Focused on integrating their learning throughout the course.

The community component ensures that students are:

  • Place in a planned learning experience within the community to inquire and reflect on their experiences to order to gain a greater knowledge of themselves and their opportunities
  • Able to develop, practice and refine the skills, knowledge and expectations that reflect current workplace practices and standards.

The co-op community component (placement) is not paid. The adult learner will research co-op placements in partnership with teachers.  To secure a placement the adult learner must be interviewed.

Registration for Co-operative Education Programs is in-person only.  Please bring a copy of your resume, original status in Canada documents, and your IELTS or CLB score for English proficiency.  For more information, please call the school you are interested in attending: Brian J. Fleming 905-891-3034 or St. Gabriel 905-362-0701.​

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