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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

Services Offered




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  • Consult with teachers, parents, and families about learning, social and behavioural problems.
  • Track students’ progress and offer professional advice at meetings and reviews.
  • Help others understand child development and how it affects learning and behaviour.


  • Assess academic, intellectual, social, and emotional development.
  • Diagnose various intellectual, perceptual, learning, behavioral, developmental, emotional, or personality disorders.
  • Determine social-emotional development, aptitude for learning and effective learning environments.
  • Counsel individual students or groups of students with personal or family issues such as family separation, loss of a family member, or behavioral problems.
  • Train in study skills, social skills, and anger management.
  • Collaborate in the design of programs for students at risk at failing at school.

Research & Planning

  • Assist with program evaluation.
  • Offer in-service programs for educators, other board personnel, and parents.
  • Help develop programs to make schools safer and more effective learning environments.
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