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Absence Reporting




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Reporting Student Absences

Whether it’s a medical appointment, an illness or other important event, there are times when students may need to be away from school.  The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District school board uses School Messenger's Safe Arrival system for parents to report their child(ren)’s absences.  Using the SafeArrival system, parents will be able to report daily or future absences in one of three ways:


  1. Go to the SafeArrival website at
  2. Select Sign Up to create your account. (Only needed for the initial setup, after that you will click on login).
  3. Select Attendance.
  4. Select Report an Absence.


 school messenger app logo.png

  1. Download and install the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  Please note that SafeArrival uses the SchoolMessenger app.
  2. Select Sign-Up. (Only needed for the initial setup, after that you will click on login).
  3. You will be prompted to enter your email (same email address your school has on file) and create a password.
  4. The system will send a link to the same email address the school has on file, please click on the link you have received in your email to activate your account.


  1. Call the toll-free number  1-844-435-3440
  2. Listen to and follow the instructions to report an absence.
  3. If the system doesn’t recognize your caller ID, you will be asked to enter the student’s home phone number or any phone number for the guardian that is on file with the school.


Parent Notification of Unexplained Student Absences

Elementary Schools: If your child's absence is not reported in advance, the SafeArrival automated notification system will contact you by email / text (SMS) / phone to inform you of your child's absence and will provide an opportunity to verify the absence.  By reporting your child's absence in advance on the SafeArrival SchoolMessenger mobile app, SafeArrival website ( or 1-844-435-3440 (toll-free number), you will not receive a notification.

Secondary Schools: If your child's absence is not reported in advance you receive an early notification through the SafeArrival system, if your child has an unexplained absence from period 1.  Notification will also occur in the evening of the day that has an unexplained absence.

How Do I Register to Receive Text (SMS) Messages?

If you wish to take advantage of receiving text (SMS) messages from SchoolMessenger, please click here for instructions on how to opt-in to the text (SMS) service.

If you are a  family NEW to Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board or if you are a parent that has a new phone number that has been added to our student information system, you will receive a one-time opt-in invite to subscribe to receiving text (SMS) messages.

The text (SMS) message will be from 978338 and will contain the information below. Reply Y to confirm that you would like to recieve text messages from School Messenger.

If you opt in to text (SMS) messages, you will also receive absent notifications via this service.


Reference Documents

​Process for Reporting Student Absences​
SafeArrival Frequently Asked Questions
How to Download and Create a SchoolMessenger Account

Issues Registering or with Your Child's Information Appearing?

If you are trying to register for SchoolMessenger and you are not getting the verification email, you can’t see the Attendance option when you log in or a can't see their child(ren) attached to the account, please call your child's school to verify your child's contact information with the secretary.

Reference Videos

Video - How to Create a School Messenger Account:


​ How to Create a SchoolMessenger Account:

  1. Click on the Apple App Store or Google Play icon.
  2. Enter SchoolMessenger in the Search bar and click 'Get" or "Install" to download the App
  3. Once installed click 'Open'
  4. Click 'sign up' to setup your account
  5. Enter the email address you have on file with your child's school
    • Create a password using at least 6 characters, including one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number
    • Set the location to Canada                                                                                      
    • Click the 'sign up' button
  6. Open your email and click on the link provided to complete the registration process
  7. Login with your email address and the password you just created and make sure the location is still set to Canada

Video - How to Report An Absence (You must create a School Messenger Account first - see above video):   


How to Report an Absence Using the SchoolMessenger App:

  1. Open SchoolMessenger
  2. Login to your account with your email and password
  3. Click the menu icon at the top left (three horizontal lines) and select 'Attendance'
  4. Click the plus sign beside 'Report an Absence' at the bottom right
  5. Select your child's name
  6. Select the type of absence you would like to report
  7. Check a box for the reason for your child's absence
  8. Select the date of absence (and expected time of arrival if reporting a late arrival), then click 'Send'
  9. Once sent, the reported absence will appear under 'Attendance' for your child.


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