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​​​In 2021-22, Dufferin-Peel is offering 7 online credit courses through their eLearning program to their senior level secondary students. Courses meet all Ministry of Education curriculum expectations and standards and have been developed by eLearning Ontario.

LOGIN to your eLearning (and blended learning) courses  

DPCDSB eLearning 2021-22 Course Offerings

Course Code​​Course TitleOffered in Quadmester
BOH4MQBusiness Leadership: Management Fundamentals4
CGW4UQWorld Issues: A Geographic Analysis4
ENG4UQEnglish 4
GWL3OQDesigning Your Future4
HHS4UQFamilies in Canada3
HSB4UQChallenge and Change in Society3
OLC4OQThe Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course4

2021-22 eLearning Registration Form

Instructions for Logging into the LMS   

Students should contact their guidance counsellor for further information about the courses being offered and assistance with the registration.

It is recommended that interested students review the material below before completing their registration form.   

Notification for Parents/Guardians
Desktop Guidelines
eLearning Guide
Internet Safety
Student Questionnaire
Assessment and Evaluation
Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this site regularly as new questions and answers will be posted on an ongoing basis.

How would I know if might have an aptitude for this type of learning?

A questionnaire and a profile list of typical characteristics suitable for eLearning are provided on this website.  See 'eLearning Readiness Quiz ' and please consult with your guidance counsellor.

How do I enroll in a Dufferin-Peel online course?

Contact your guidance counsellor for instructions.

Who is able to enroll in Dufferin-Peel online day school courses?

Currently our courses are available for full-time senior level (Grade 11 and 12) students in Dufferin-Peel.

May I apply to register in more than one online course in a semester?

At this time students are able to apply for one online course as part of their full timetable.

Do online courses count towards my diploma?

Yes. Courses offered through the Learning Management System are developed and mediated by qualified Ontario teachers.

Do online courses count towards my diploma?

Yes. Courses offered through the Learning Management System are developed and mediated by qualified Ontario teachers.

Is there a fee to enroll in an online course?

No. Dufferin-Peel students are not responsible for paying a fee to enroll in a Dufferin-Peel online course.

How will my final mark be communicated to me?

Your mark will appear on your report card just as with your regular courses.  As well, there will be no indication on your transcripts that the Dufferin-Peel course was an online course. 

How are eLearning courses scheduled?

The eLearning course will appear as one your courses in your regular timetable.  Due to the flexibility of online courses, students can access the course anywhere there is a networked computer.  To add, since the online teacher and their students may be time timetabled during different periods, discussions are layered rather than live.  This is known as asynchronous delivery and is a common method of online learning.

When do the courses begin and end?

Every course begins with an orientation session that is mandatory for all students enrolled in an eLearning course. This one-hour evening session usually occurs prior to the beginning of the semester the course is being offered.  At the session, students will be guided through a set of online orientation modules. The purpose of these modules is to guide students through the latest version of the virtual learning environment.  Once completed, students will be provided access to their online credit course.  The course will run the length of a semester.  Exams are proctored and written in the students' home school during exam week.  Your school will courier the exam back to the online teacher for marking. 

How are your courses selected?

Currently, our courses were selected based on low enrollment.  These courses are not being offered in many of our schools because of low enrollment numbers.  By offering these courses to all schools in our board, we may draw upon these small numbers and as a result, offer the course.

I do not have a networked computer at home.  Does that mean I cannot take an online course?

No. Although students are responsible for attaining technological accessibility outside of school, students will have access to a networked computer during their scheduled online period.  Although a student is expected to work on their online course 5-12 hours a week, much of this work can be done "offline".  You must be online to view content, hand in work, participate in all discussion forms, and contact your teacher should you have any questions.  Many students also make arrangements to work from their local library if a networked computer is unavailable in their home.

How much time is required for an online course?

Typically, students are required to spend 5 to 12 hours per week on their online course.

Who are my supports?

Your online teacher is your main support and may be emailed through your course system if you have any questions about your course.  In your home school, your guidance counsellor may also be able to assist you.  If you are having technical difficulty there will be a tech-help line available to you as well.  Lastly, some students post their questions in the classroom forum to seek assistance from their classmates. 

To learn more about eLearning, visit the eLearning Ontario website.​

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